Ptero: Single Seat, Short Range EV

In 2017, the Federal Highway Administration stated that nearly 60% of US vehicle trips were <6 miles (other data indicates that 46% of vehicle trips are <3 miles)!

US Census information indicates that 80% of the population lives in urban areas, and (according to Pew Research) rural population has decreased since 2000, while urban counties/small metropolitan/suburban areas have grown.

With this in mind, it’s logical to explore the development of short-range electric vehicles that occupy less space, are easy to manufacture, and require less energy to operate.

While my Segway LUV project explores a 4-seater for suburban families, the Ptero envisions a single-seat run about for urbanites, and multi-modal commuters. Subscription-based (for affordability) Ptero provides secure, weather-protected transportation for trips that are too far to walk, and when driving a traditional car is impractical.